Easiest way to reach Platinum rank in Overwatch 2

April 7, 2024

If you're a Gold ranked player in Overwatch 2 aspiring to break into Platinum, you're already on the right track by seeking tips to improve your gameplay. Whether you main DPS heroes like Soldier: 76, Junkrat and Cassidy, or prefer supports such as Lucio, Zenyatta and Baptiste, there are some key concepts to focus on that can help elevate you to the next competitive tier. In this post, we'll cover advice from Platinum and Diamond players on the mistakes to avoid and skills to hone to make that climb.

Expand Your Hero Pool

One common piece of advice is to develop proficiency in 3-4 heroes within your preferred role. For DPS, hitscan heroes like Soldier: 76, Cassidy, Ashe and Widowmaker are solid picks to master, as their mechanics translate well across the roster. Tracer is also highly recommended to learn, as her mobility and sneaky playstyle can be a huge asset when perfected.While one-tricking a comfort pick like Junkrat may have gotten you to Gold, expanding your options will make you more adaptable to counter the enemy team composition and fill your team's needs in any given game. The same principle applies for supports - make sure you can play a few different heroes at a high level.

Work on Your Game Sense

Mechanical aim and ability usage is important, but to really thrive in the Platinum and above ranks, you need to develop a strategic understanding of Overwatch. This comes down to your game sense - knowing where to position, when to push advantages, which targets to prioritize, and how to synergize with your team.Harness the high ground to exert map control. Think about off-angles you can take to pressure enemies from unexpected directions. Learn to recognize when enemies burn crucial cooldowns like Tracer's Recall that leave them vulnerable. Don't tilt and try to 1v5 when your team is dead - wait to group up instead of staggering.Constantly ask yourself if you're getting value out of what you're doing each fight. Are you effectively enabling your team or shutting down opponents? Where could you have positioned better or focused your fire differently?Don't know the game well enough? Watch a pro play. or better yet, play with a pro. Explore our duo carry options. And don't forget to check out the XXL discounts.

Review Your Own Gameplay

Watching your own replays is a great way to notice things you may have missed in the heat of the game and identify your frequent mistakes. Even in losses, there are always opportunities to optimize your play that you can spot in the replay.Look for moments where you took a bad fight alone instead of regrouping. See if there were flanking routes you could have taken to bypass the enemy front line. Analyze when you used your ultimate and if there was a better time to deploy it. Rewatch your deaths and think about your positioning and target priority leading up to them.Be ruthlessly critical in assessing your own replay - that's the best way to actually learn from it and implement positive changes.

Keep a Positive Attitude

At the end of the day, the climb from Gold to Platinum and beyond is a mental game as much as a test of skill. Avoiding tilt and staying level-headed is crucial for consistency. If you find yourself on a losing streak, take a break, reset, and come back fresh later rather than queuing up frustrated.Try to be a positive force for your team, even if they aren't in voice comms. Use the ping system to make callouts and draw attention to important targets. Give sincere compliments for nice plays. The climb will feel a lot easier with a constructive attitude. The journey from Gold to Platinum in Overwatch 2 takes dedication and incremental improvements to your gameplay. Focus on expanding your viable hero pool, developing your game sense, reviewing your VODs and keeping a positive mindset. With some hard work and smart play, you'll be seeing that shiny Platinum badge in no time! Good luck!Have any questions regarding our services? Visit our FAQ page.

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