Overwatch Ranked Rewards FULL LIST in 2024

March 14, 2024

Blizzard has unveiled an exciting array of rewards for competitive Overwatch 2 players coming in 2024. Here's an in-depth look at what dedicated players can earn through ranked play:

Emerald Weapon Skins:

The new emerald weapon skins are the crown jewel of 2024's competitive rewards. These skins provide a refreshing new look for players to work towards, diversifying the options for kitting out your favorite heroes.The brilliant green hue of the emerald finish is both eye-catching and classy. It's easy to imagine how heroes like Genji or Mercy could look stunning with their weapons decked out in shimmering emerald. The skins are said to have a unique sheen and texture that sets them apart from the classic golden guns.Earning these skins will require a substantial amount of competitive points, giving players a coveted cosmetic to aspire to. Much like golden guns, equipping an emerald weapon will be a status symbol in itself, letting others know you've put in the time and effort to excel in ranked play.The introduction of emerald skins also sets an exciting precedent for future competitive reward options. Perhaps we'll see ruby or diamond skins next? Or maybe even more elaborate designs beyond simple recolors? The possibilities are tantalizing.


Sprays have been a staple of Overwatch's cosmetic rewards since the beginning, and 2024's competitive sprays aim to be some of the most intricate and prestigious yet.Each rank will have its own unique spray, with the designs growing more ornate and animated the higher you climb. Imagine equipping a top-500 spray that features your hero dynamically posing with flashy visual effects - the perfect way to style on your opponents.The sprays will also likely incorporate the 2024 competitive season's theme, making them feel like special mementos of your ranked journey that year. They serve almost like merit badges, letting you fondly remember past competitive accomplishments.Since sprays are one of the most visible cosmetic rewards, expect the art team at Blizzard to go all out in creating distinctive and desirable designs. Collect them all to create the perfect spray collage highlighting your proudest Overwatch achievements!

Player Icons:

Alongside sprays, player icons are another way for competitive players to showcase their ranked success. 2024's icons will follow the rank-tiered structure established in previous years, with increasingly intricate and impressive designs for higher placements.The bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and master icons will all be themed around the 2024 competitive season. Perhaps they'll highlight a new hero, or draw visual inspiration from a new map. Whatever the case, they'll serve as attractive profile flair you can display with pride.For those who reach the pinnacle of Overwatch 2 competition, the Grandmaster and Top 500 icons will be the ultimate badges of honor. Expect these elite icons to be particularly detailed and striking, possibly featuring some slick animations.Of course, the new "Ultimate" tier above Grandmaster will need an appropriately awe-inspiring player icon to represent it. Maybe it will even react to your in-game performance somehow? Whatever Blizzard's artists dream up, it's sure to be a huge flex for the best of the best.

Competitive Points:

And of course, we can't forget about the bread and butter of Overwatch's competitive rewards - the competitive points you earn from ranked play. These points are used to purchase the aforementioned emerald and golden gun skins, and 2024 will give players more chances than ever to rack them up.With the shift to per-match SR updates, it's likely you'll see competitive point rewards tick up after every win, instead of having to wait for 5+ wins for a payout. This should make for a more satisfying feedback loop and sense of steady progression towards your cosmetic goals.The exact point values are still to be determined, but expect placement matches, wins, draws, and end-of-season rewards to all contribute to your competitive point war chest like in previous years. Higher ranks will still earn more points, with Grandmaster, Top 500, and the new Ultimate tier offering the most lucrative rewards for the top players.All in all, 2024 is shaping up to be a very exciting year for Overwatch 2 competitive rewards. With the highly anticipated emerald gun skins, prestigous sprays and player icons, and a more rewarding points system, players will have ample reason to dig into the revamped Competitive 3.0 mode and see how high they can climb. Get ready to grind for that perfect emerald sheen!

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