Can You Get Banned for Buying Boosting in Overwatch?

June 28, 2024

In Overwatch 2, some players may be tempted to pay for "carry" services to boost their rank. This involves hiring a high-skilled player to either play on your account (solo boosting) or group up with you (duo carry) in order to win games and increase your SR.In the past, Blizzard has taken a hard stance against paid carry services, viewing it as a form of cheating. Players caught buying or selling such services risked having their accounts banned.However, based on recent community discussions, it appears Blizzard's policy on solo and duo boosting services may have changed. There have been no widespread reports of bans for using these services in Overwatch 2. Blizzard seems to be focusing its anti-cheat efforts on more severe offenses like aimbotting, wallhacks, and other forms of hacking or hardware cheats.Don't know where to start? Look into these cheap solo boosting options.That said, Blizzard still does not allow the public advertising or discussion of paid carry services on its forums and platforms. This is likely for PR and legal reasons, as the company understandably does not want to be seen as endorsing or facilitating these transactions.So in final words, while you likely won't get banned simply for buying a solo or duo boosting in Overwatch 2, Blizzard still prohibits any discussion or promotion of these services through official channels. As always, take caution with any third-party services involving your account login info.

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