Best Tanks in Season 10

June 21, 2024

As the the current season of Overwatch coming to an end, players are eager to discover which tanks are dominating the meta and providing the most value to their teams. In this post, we'll explore the opinions of the community and analyze the strengths of various tanks in the current season.

Mauga and Ramattra: The Oppressive Duo

Many players have pointed out that Mauga and Ramattra seem to be the most frequent and oppressive tanks to face in the current meta. Mauga's kit is both powerful and easy to use, making him a popular choice across various ranks. Ramattra, on the other hand, is terrifying in his Nemesis form and can be difficult to counter without proper coordination.

Roadhog: The Unkillable Threat

Roadhog has been a consistent pick this season, with his 800 HP and self-healing abilities making him a nightmare to take down. His ability to survive and deal massive damage makes him a viable choice, especially in lower ranks where coordination may be lacking.If you seem to be unable to deal with Roadhog and lose a lot of SR because of him, look into solo or duo boosting. These are fast and cheap. No need to spend hours trying to get the rank you want!

Sigma: The Unsung Hero

While Sigma may not be destroying lobbies in the same flashy way as other tanks, his impact on the game cannot be understated. Skilled Sigma players excel at mitigating damage, stymieing enemy plays, and controlling the battlefield with perfectly timed shields, sucks, and rocks. Sigma's job is to survive and create space for his team, and he excels at it.

Winston and Wrecking Ball: The Dive Masters

With the recent armor buff, dive tanks like Winston and Wrecking Ball have seen a resurgence in popularity. Winston's ability to shred backlines when played correctly makes him a sleeper pick, while Wrecking Ball's mobility and survivability allow him to create chaos and disrupt enemy formations.

Zarya and Reinhardt: The Classic Picks

Zarya and Reinhardt may not be the most dominant tanks in the current meta, but they still have their place. Zarya can still dominate lobbies in the right hands, while Reinhardt's ability to manage his shield effectively can deny a lot of enemy value. However, they may struggle against certain team compositions and the newer, more mobile tanks.

To sum it up:

The current Overwatch season has seen a shift in the tank meta, with Mauga, Ramattra, and Roadhog leading the charge. However, the beauty of the game lies in its diversity, and skilled players can make any tank work in the right situation. As the season progresses, it will be exciting to see how the meta evolves and which tanks rise to the top.

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