2024 Cheese Tactics in Overwatch

March 16, 2024

In Overwatch Season 9, the changes to the heal reduction passive and larger projectile sizes have made DPS heroes more impactful for carrying games. However, there are still a few tanks and supports that can make a significant difference with their abilities to frag out. This article will cover the top cheese solo carry heroes for Season 9.


Despite being one of the easier supports to kill, Zenyatta is also one of the best duelists. His snap kick melee deals 75 damage instantly and provides knockback, making it effective for close-range duels. Discord orb is one of the most oppressive abilities, incentivizing teammates to focus fire targets. Zenyatta's high burst damage allows him to secure kills without relying on follow-up from his team.


Sombra's virus hack and SMG work well together, and her primary fire is reliable even at a distance. Her ultimate, EMP, is one of the strongest engagement tools, silencing enemies for 3 seconds and dealing 25% health damage. With the DPS passive reducing healing, Sombra can easily secure kills during EMP.


Despite being counterable, Doomfist is one of the hardest tanks to kill due to his insane mobility. His abilities flow together well, but wasting one can quickly lead to a loss of momentum and space. Rocket punch is the ideal opener, and slam is the ideal escape. The increased projectile sizes make gaining power punch easier, boosting the damage, stun duration, knockback, speed, and distance of rocket punch.


Sigma is the only other tank that can carry offensively. He can deal with high ground pressure and close-range flankers effectively. His shield allows him to switch between long-range and close-range combat seamlessly. Sigma's two powerful stuns also contribute to his carrying potential.


Echo is the best projectile hero in Season 9 due to her burst damage. Her instant kill combo and long-range spam make her lethal without putting herself in danger. Echo charges her copy ultimate quickly, which is one of the hardest ultimates to deal with.


Cassidy is a sleeper pick this season, with 275HP, a 75% damage reduction roll, and a 40% damage reduction ultimate. His 0.8 meter radius bullets allow him to take space in duels and secure quick two-tap headshot kills within 25m. Cassidy's magnetic grenade is effective against viable heroes like Tracer and Sombra, slowing stuck targets by 25%.

Final thoughts:

While DPS heroes are the primary carriers in Season 9, certain tanks and supports can still make a significant impact with their abilities. Zenyatta, Sombra, Doomfist, Sigma, Echo, and Cassidy are among the top solo carry heroes this season, each with unique strengths that allow them to frag out and control the game.

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