The Best Wrecking Ball Guide

May 23, 2024

With the recent buffs to Wrecking Ball, also known as "Ball," it's becoming increasingly common to have him on your team in Overwatch 2. However, Ball is a unique tank with drastically different strengths and weaknesses compared to other tanks. This guide aims to help players understand how to effectively play alongside a Ball and adapt their playstyle to maximize the team's potential.

Ball's Unique Advantages:

  1. Resource Efficiency: Ball requires the least amount of in-combat healing among all tanks, making him an excellent choice when paired with supports like Zenyatta and Lucio who have limited healing output but strong synergy with Ball in other aspects.
  2. Selfish Playstyle: Ball plays selfishly, allowing his teammates to also play selfishly. While he may not offer much direct protection, he excels at setting up and confirming kills at a minimal cost to the team's resources.

Adapting to Ball Comps:

  1. Commit to Full Dive or Accept Split Comps: When playing with Ball, teams can either fully commit to a dive composition or adopt a split comp, which consists of two groups playing different styles (Dive and Poke).
  2. Understanding Space in Ball Comps: Space in Ball comps is more about pressure than physical presence. When Ball draws the attention of multiple enemies, it creates theoretical advantages for the rest of the team.

General Tips:

  1. Don't chase Ball to heal him. Let him come to you when the fight slows down.
  2. Focus on enabling your team and finding your own picks rather than solely healing Ball.
  3. Use pings to communicate target focus and peel needs.
  4. Adapt to Ball's movement and be prepared to stabilize or retreat when necessary.
  5. Avoid micromanaging the Ball player and trust their experience in dealing with counters.
  6. Don't be scared to ask for help. Look into these cheap Duo Carry options. Everyone needs some help sometimes!

Hero Synergies:

  • Sombra: Arguably the best synergy for Ball, providing scouting, dive setup, and EMP combos.
  • Tracer: The prototypical dive DPS, sharing similarities with Ball in terms of low resource needs, survivability, and pick potential.
  • Long Range Hitscan: Effective at following up on Ball's piledrivers and capitalizing on the space he creates.
  • Flyers (Pharah, Echo) + Mercy: Create a dual threat that forces the enemy to split their attention.
  • Kiriko: Enables an assassin playstyle, provides utility with Suzu, and benefits from Ball's mobility for repositioning.
  • Zenyatta + Brigitte or Ana + Brigitte: Historically strong support combos with Ball, offering a mix of pick potential, survivability, and burst healing.

In final words:

Playing with a Wrecking Ball can be challenging, but by understanding his unique playstyle and adapting accordingly, teams can maximize their potential. Focus on playing selfishly, finding picks, and managing resources effectively. Choose heroes that synergize well with Ball's kit and playstyle, and avoid micromanaging the Ball player. With practice and coordination, mastering the art of playing with Wrecking Ball can lead to incredible success in Overwatch 2.

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