The Challenges of Playing Tank in Overwatch 2

May 3, 2024

As a tank main from the OG Overwatch, switching to being the only tank and playing 5v5 has been difficult for me. That's why it got me thinking about what can be done to make out job as tanks easier. Let's talk about the crazy changes in Overwatch 2 that have been driving tank mains insane. The community's been popping off about how unsatisfying and team-dependent the tank life has become. In this post, we're gonna dive into the struggles of being a tank and brainstorm some sick ideas to make the role more lit and game-changing.

The Grind to Make Space:

As a tank, your main job is to create space for your squad to pop off. But in Overwatch 2, this has become a real pain in the neck. Tank players get wrecked when they try to make epic plays, unless their team is on point and totally synced up. With enemy DPS constantly in your face, especially those annoying Tracers sniping you from across the map, it's tough for tanks to go ham without getting obliterated.

Team Coordination is Key:

In Overwatch 2, a tank's success is all about how well their team performs. Even if you're crushing it as a tank, the game often comes down to whether your DPS can secure those clutch kills. This reliance on team coordination can be a real bummer for tank players who feel like their individual skill doesn't matter as much as it should.

The Survival Meta:

Right now, the meta for tanks is all about staying alive for as long as possible. Instead of making sick plays and pushing objectives, tanks are often stuck just existing, feeding their Ana for that sweet nano boost, and hoping their Genji can pull off some crazy stuff. This passive playstyle can be a snooze-fest for tank players who want to have a bigger impact on the game.

Toxicity Towards Tank Players:

To make things even worse, tank players often get flamed by their teammates. They're constantly told to switch heroes, roasted for not single-handedly wiping out the enemy team, or blamed for not protecting teammates who overextended like idiots. This non-stop hate can be super tilting, especially when tank players feel like they can't control the outcome of the game. If you're stuck in this situation and can't climb to your dream rank, don't be afraid to look for some cheap duo carry services. There's no point in grinding for hours with toxic teammates just to lose and never rank up.

Balancing the Tank Role:

Blizzard has a tough job ahead of them when it comes to balancing tanks in Overwatch 2. They need to make sure the role is fun and impactful enough to keep tank players hooked, but with only one tank per team, they can't make them too OP, or else matches will be decided solely by which team has the better tank player.

Potential Fixes:

To tackle these problems, Blizzard could try making tanks more resistant to crowd control effects, like reducing the power of stuns, boops, sleep darts, and anti-heal abilities on tank heroes. They could also experiment with carefully tuned damage resistance to make tanks feel beefier without making them broken. But finding the perfect balance is gonna be key to avoid tanks becoming too dominant.

Final Thoughts:

Playing tank in Overwatch 2 right now is a struggle and often feels unrewarding for many players. The dependence on team coordination, the survival-focused meta, and the toxicity towards tank players have created a frustrating environment. While there's no easy fix, Blizzard needs to keep working on balancing the tank role to ensure it stays engaging and impactful without becoming OP. By tackling these issues head-on, they can create a more enjoyable experience for tank mains and keep the game balanced and fun for everyone.

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