How To Play DPS Heroes in Season 10 Overwatch

April 30, 2024

Hello all you DPS mains out there! As one of you, I did my research on this topic to help you all get promoted in the new season. Season 10 of Overwatch is here and it's time to step up your game! The meta has shifted and if you wanna keep climbin' those ranks, you gotta adapt. Here's the lowdown on how to slay as DPS this season.

Solo or Duo?

First off, forget about hard solo carrying like in the old days. That thing is not gonna fly anymore with the new DPS passive. If you've been playing alone, it's time to squad up. Queueing with a pro duo carry gonna give you a way better chance of winning than going solo.But don't worry, you can still climb and get better as a DPS player. The key is to focus on your own gameplay. Every match is a chance to level up your skills, whether it's hitting those headshots, making clutch plays, or just being in the right place at the right time. Keep that growth mindset, even when you take an L.

Now, what you need to focus on depends on your rank:

Bronze to Gold:

It's all about that aim and ult game. If you can consistently win those 1v1s and pop off with your ults, you'll be ranking up in no time.

Gold to Diamond:

Positioning is key. You gotta play those angles, use natural cover, and put pressure on those enemy supports and DPS. Minimize those deaths and give your team the advantage.

Masters to Grandmaster:

This is where game sense comes into play. You gotta know where to be, when to engage, who to target, and how to synergize with your team. One small mistake and you're toast.

Season summary

You might need to expand your hero pool too. Those comfort picks from last season might not cut it anymore. Take the time to learn some new heroes that are meta, like Reaper. Having 3-4 heroes you can play at a high level with good win rates is clutch.Season 10 is a wild ride, with all the changes and new players. Lobbies are all over the place in terms of skill, so don't get too tilted by your SR gains or losses. Just focus on getting better each session. Grind now, climb later.Watch how the pros and streamers are playing to pick up some tricks. Pay attention to their positioning, decision making, and teamwork. Then take that to your own games and practice.At the end of the day, remember that Overwatch is a game and it's supposed to be fun. Embrace the grind, enjoy the process, and the SR will come. Try out new heroes, make some friends to queue with, and don't sweat that number too much. We're all learning this season.Let's get it, DPS mains! See you on the battlefield.

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