Should Overwatch Competitive Play Introduce a Hero Ban System?

May 1, 2024

If you've been playing online videogames for awhile, then you know how good can hero bans be in ranked. Let's discuss this system and what it can bring to Overwatch. When it comes to competitive gaming, keeping the meta in check and making sure everyone has a fair shot is super important for a healthy and hype community. Overwatch, one of the hottest hero shooters out there, has had its fair share of balance problems, with some heroes straight up dominating the meta and making players rage quit. The Overwatch subreddit has been blowing up with talk about whether Blizzard should bring in a hero ban system for competitive play, just like other big-time esports games. In this post, we'll dive into the good, the bad, and the potentially game-breaking aspects of adding hero bans and how it could affect the Overwatch scene.

Why Hero Bans Could Be Pog:

Lots of players are saying that heroes like Bastion, Sombra, Mercy, and Symmetra are just too OP in the current meta, making competitive matches feel stale and tilting. These heroes often need specific counters and team comps, which limits the variety of playstyles and strats. By adding a hero ban system, players could strategically yeet certain heroes out of the pool, forcing teams to adapt and come up with fresh tactics. This could lead to a more dynamic and spicy meta, encouraging players to get creative and think outside the box. Plus, a ban system could let the community balance things out faster than waiting for official nerfs.

Why Hero Bans Might Be MonkaS:

On the flip side, some players worry that a hero ban system could cause unintended problems and make the game even more unbalanced. Like, imagine if Cassidy, Soldier: 76, and Ashe all got banned in a match – Pharah would be an absolute monster with hardly any counters! Banning heroes could also limit options for players who main certain roles or playstyles, potentially making them feel left out. There's also the risk that teams could abuse the ban system to target specific players or compositions, giving them an unfair advantage. And let's not forget, hero bans might make it less important to have a diverse hero pool and adaptability, which are key skills in Overwatch.

Keeping Things Balanced is Key:

At the end of the day, any competitive game should aim for a balanced and diverse meta that allows for all kinds of playstyles and strategies. While a hero ban system could potentially fix some of the current balance issues in Overwatch, it's not a perfect solution. Blizzard needs to keep a close eye on hero balance and make frequent updates and patches based on player feedback and data. By constantly fine-tuning the game, Blizzard can work towards creating a more enjoyable and fair competitive experience for everyone. And don't feel down if you get stuck in elo hell, there are always options like duo carry. Cheap, secure and effective!

Other Ways to Level Up:

Instead of jumping straight to a hero ban system, Blizzard could explore other options to tackle balance issues and make competitive play even better. They could do more frequent targeted balance updates, focusing on heroes that are too OP or rarely used. They could also think about adding a pick and ban phase during hero selection, letting teams strategically ban and pick heroes in a more controlled way, like in MOBAs. Another idea is for Blizzard to improve the matchmaking system to ensure fairer games based on player skill and hero preferences, so matches are more evenly matched.

Final Thoughts:

The debate around adding a hero ban system to Overwatch competitive play is pretty complex, with solid points on both sides. While a ban system could potentially shake up the meta and encourage more diverse playstyles, it also risks creating new balance issues and leaving some players feeling left out. At the end of the day, it's up to Blizzard to keep a close eye on hero balance, listen to player feedback, and use data to make smart decisions. By actively working towards a more balanced and fun competitive scene, Blizzard can make sure Overwatch stays hype for years to come.

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