Interesting Facts About Every Overwatch Hero

May 9, 2024

Welcome to our latest post, where we'll be diving into some intriguing and lesser-known facts about the diverse cast of heroes in Overwatch. From their unique abilities and quirks to their fascinating backstories, we've compiled a list of tidbits that will give you a newfound appreciation for these iconic characters. So, let's jump right in!
  1. Ana: Reloading takes longer when her ammo is completely depleted.
  2. Ashe: Prior to her release, BOB would endorse Ashe if he was active when the match concluded.
  3. Baptiste: His Immortality Field deploys notably faster than other similar projectile abilities.
  4. Bastion: Despite other omnics having assigned genders, Bastion is the sole gender-neutral character. This stems from Bastion units being mass-produced for combat without concern for individual personalities.
  5. Brigitte: She is the only hero whose melee attacks don't cause knockback.
  6. Cassidy: At one point, his Fan the Hammer dealt 55 damage per shot, allowing him to eliminate a full health Zarya with just a bodyshot, combat roll, and FTH combo.
  7. D.Va: Scoring environmental kills with Self-Destruct grants her ultimate charge while she's calling down a new mech. However, it's often wasted.
  8. Doomfist: His bare left fist deals more damage than his massive right gauntlet when uncharged. At full charge, their damage output is equal.
  9. Echo: Originally envisioned as a support hero, the developers were determined to implement her Duplicate ultimate, which didn't mesh with the support role.
  10. Genji: Firing shurikens at the right moment when Dragonblade ends bypasses the sheathing animation.
  11. Hanzo: Storm Arrows can ricochet once off surfaces, a surprisingly underutilized mechanic.
  12. Junker Queen: Early designs had her throwing her axe to pull enemies close instead of her knife.
  13. Junkrat: Activating RIP-Tire automatically reloads his Frag Launcher.
  14. Kiriko: Kunai are thrown from slightly below the crosshair, making them less precise at close range.
  15. Lúcio: His personality was heavily influenced by his voice actor, prompting the developers to alter his character to match.
  16. Mei: Her Endothermic Blaster's primary fire outdamages Coalescence and the primary fire of both Zarya and Symmetra (when not charged).
  17. Mercy: She is only a few years younger than Ana and Soldier: 76.
  18. Moira: Her primary healing can outheal the healing from her own ultimate, Coalescence.
  19. Orisa: With precise timing and enemy positioning, Javelin Spin can be the longest non-ultimate stun in the game.
  20. Pharah: Barrage reloads her Rocket Launcher, allowing her to fire an extra rocket as it ends for increased damage.
  21. Reaper: Wraith Form cleanses anti-healing effects like Biotic Grenade. His melee attacks also restore a small amount of health.
  22. Reinhardt: He speaks his native language the third least out of all heroes, behind Hanzo and Doomfist.
  23. Roadhog: He can heal and use his Chain Hook during Whole Hog. Not utilizing this is a common mistake.
  24. Sigma: Gravitic Flux ignores armor when calculating damage.
  25. Sojourn: Cybernetic replacements were necessary due to an autoimmune disease, rather than being a voluntary augmentation.
  26. Soldier: 76: Tactical Visor allows for headshots.
  27. Sombra: Her iconic "Boop" originated as a threat to Katya Volskaya, referencing a photo of Katya booping her daughter's nose as an implication that Sombra knew intimate details of her life.
  28. Symmetra: Her voice actress also voices Rampart in Apex Legends, specializing in Indian characters with turrets and barriers.
  29. Torbjörn: Molten Core's damage hitbox extends about one Torbjörn height above the ground. Comparatively, Meteor Strike can be blocked by barriers mere inches off the ground.
  30. Tracer: The developers had Tracer's voice actress record numerous giggles to find the perfect one to serve as her iconic laugh.
  31. Widowmaker: In a previous iteration, her sniper scope completely blacked out everything outside the central reticle.
  32. Winston: Early in development, he was envisioned wielding a shotgun as his weapon.
  33. Wrecking Ball: The decision was made to not have Hammond speak to avoid venturing into overly ridiculous territory.
  34. Zarya: Her Particle Cannon's secondary fire can be used with just 1 ammo remaining.
  35. Zenyatta: None of his in-game abilities are considered canon; he is simply a monk. Based on his Archives skin and a voice line triggered on Ilios, it's implied he was created in an underwater facility.
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And there you have it – a treasure trove of Overwatch hero trivia that showcases the depth and thoughtfulness that went into creating these beloved characters. From gameplay mechanics to lore and design, each hero has a unique story to tell. We hope you enjoyed learning more about your favorite heroes and discovered some new favorites along the way. Until next time, keep exploring the world of Overwatch!

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