One-Tricking Heroes vs. Adaptability In Overwatch

April 29, 2024

Let's talk about the never-ending battle between one-tricking your main and being a flex god. As someone who only likes to play my main, I get a lot of backlash for one tricking in comp. So this topic just hits the spot for me. In the crazy world of competitive OW2, this debate is straight-up fire, getting everyone hyped up and ready to throw down.

One tricking

Picture this: you're out there grinding, trying to climb that ranked ladder like a boss. You might be thinking, "Should I just stick with my main and become an absolute beast, or should I be ready to swap when things get rough?" It's a tough call, my dude.On one hand, one-tricking is nice. You pick your hero, you master every little trick in the book, and you straight-up dominate. You're out there making plays, styling on fools, and showing off your skills. But what happens when you run into a hard counter or your team comp is just whack? That's when things can get a little dicey.


That's where being a flex player comes in clutch. When you're getting wrecked or your hero just ain't cutting it, switching it up can totally turn the game around. In OW2, you gotta be ready to adapt, 'cause team synergy and counterpicking are the keys to victory. Having a deep hero pool and the guts to swap when you need to can make you the MVP your squad needs.Now, let's keep it real. A lot of players are straight-up tilted when one-tricks refuse to switch, even when they're getting dunked on. Like, this one player was ranting about losing over 100 games 'cause of teammates who care more about their ego than winning. And let's be honest, we've all been there, dealing with that one stubborn teammate who just won't adapt.

Which one to choose?

Look, it's cool to have a main, but you gotta remember that OW2 is all about teamwork. When you're not pulling your weight or you're refusing to switch, it's like you're straight-up griefing your team.So, how do we keep things chill and competitive? It's all about finding that sweet spot between being a specialist and being flexible. Master your main, but don't be afraid to switch it up when the game demands it. Show your team you're in it to win it, not just to stroke your own ego.And remember communication is key. Don't be toxic, don't point fingers. Instead, talk to your teammates, hype them up, and work together to find the best strategy. If you're stuck with some toxic randoms, maybe consider finding a pro duo carry to queue up with. You'll have a chill teammate and a better chance at securing that rank progression.At the end of the day, whether you're a one-trick wizard or a flex master, the goal is to have fun and crush it in OW2. Find your balance, be a team player, and keep the vibes positive. That's how we'll make the OW2 community a dope place to be, no matter what role you play.

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