How to Play Tracer with Roadhog

May 19, 2024

As a Tracer main myself, this has been on my mind for too long. When partnering with a close friend who prefers playing Roadhog, it can be challenging to find the right synergy, especially when you're a Tracer main. This article will explore strategies and tips for playing Tracer effectively alongside a tank teammate.

The Challenge:

As a Tracer player, you might be accustomed to an engage-based playstyle, waiting for your team to initiate fights before collapsing on the enemy backline. However, this approach may not work as well when your main tank is a Roadhog, whose playstyle revolves around landing hooks and picking off targets. The lack of coordination can lead to getting caught out and focused down by the entire enemy team.

Drawing Attention and Cooldowns:

One effective strategy is to harass the enemy backline from off-angles, acting as a distraction without fully committing. By focusing on drawing out cooldowns from key heroes like Ana and Zenyatta, who can give Roadhog the most trouble, you can create opportunities for your teammate to make impactful plays. Poke from off-angles and blink back to safety, forcing the enemy to divert their attention and resources.

Adapting Your Playstyle:

While it may not be the most glamorous way to play Tracer, adjusting your approach to complement your Roadhog teammate can yield better results. Instead of solely focusing on the enemy backline, consider operating more in the midline. By drawing enemy attention to yourself, you can create openings for Roadhog to land hooks on distracted targets. And if your Roadhog is a nood, you can get yourself a Duo Carry who will play by your side.

Timing Your Engagements:

If you find yourself consistently getting caught out and focused by the entire enemy team, it might indicate that you're engaging too early. Pay close attention to your team's positioning and the enemy's focus. Engaging when your team is ready to follow up and the enemy is preoccupied with other threats will increase your chances of success.

In final words:

Playing Tracer alongside a Roadhog teammate presents unique challenges, but with the right mindset and adaptations, you can still make a significant impact. By focusing on drawing attention and cooldowns, adjusting your playstyle to operate more in the midline, and timing your engagements carefully, you can create opportunities for both yourself and your Roadhog partner to shine. Remember, mastering the art of teamwork and synergy is key to climbing the competitive ladder in Overwatch.

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