How to Deal With a Comp That Revolves Around Pharmercy

May 31, 2024

Some players in the Gold ranks often face the daunting challenge of dealing with the infamous Pharmercy combo - a Pharah and Mercy duo that can easily dominate the battlefield. As a Gold 4 player with decent aim, you may find yourself struggling to take down this powerful combination, even when you have the skills to do so.

The Problem:

The Pharmercy combo thrives on the synergy between the two heroes. Mercy's healing and damage boost make Pharah nearly immortal, while the rest of the enemy team focuses on protecting their Mercy. This makes it incredibly difficult for a single player to take them down, as any attempt to get an angle on either hero often results in being dove by the rest of the enemy team.To make matters worse, teammates in Gold ranks may not always be aware of the best way to counter this strategy. They may stick to their comfort picks, such as Lucio, Reinhardt, Brigitte, or Bastion, which may not be the most effective against a Pharmercy. 


  1. Communication is key. Politely ask your team to consider switching to heroes that can better deal with the Pharmercy, such as hitscan DPS like Ashe, Soldier: 76, or Cassidy. If your team is not responsive, focus on what you can control.
  2. Target the enemy's other support. If you can't directly counter the Pharmercy, disrupt their team by targeting their other healer. This forces Mercy to choose between healing Pharah or the other support, creating an opening for your team to capitalize on.
  3. Use cover and be mindful of your positioning. When engaging the Pharmercy, use cover to avoid being an easy target and position yourself in a way that maximizes your effectiveness while minimizing your exposure to enemy fire.
  4. Consider switching to a hero that can better deal with the Pharmercy, such as Sombra, Sojourn, or Tracer. These heroes can put pressure on the enemy backline, forcing the Mercy to reposition and disrupting the Pharmercy's effectiveness.
  5. If all else fails, mirror the strategy. Sometimes, the best way to counter a Pharmercy is to play Pharah yourself. Even without a dedicated Mercy pocket, you can often outplay the enemy Pharah and create space for your team. If your teammates don't have enough skill to take down the enemies, consider looking for a Duo Carry for your rank games.


Dealing with a Pharmercy combo can be frustrating, especially in the Gold ranks where team coordination and hero picks may not always be optimal. However, by communicating with your team, targeting key enemies, positioning yourself carefully, and adapting your hero selection, you can overcome this challenge and lead your team to victory.Remember, overcoming a Pharmercy is a team effort. While it may feel like you need to solo-carry, focusing on what you can control and working with your team is the key to success. Stay positive, communicate effectively, and keep improving your skills, and you'll be well on your way to climbing the competitive ladder.

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