What Makes Dorado and Numbani Bad Maps in Overwatch?

April 27, 2024

When was the last time you heard anything good about these maps? I don't know anyone who enjoys them. Let's talk about why Dorado and Numbani are straight up bad in Overwatch 2. Like, the devs said they're gonna rework these maps, and I'm here to tell you why that's a good thing.


First off, Numbani. That first point is a nightmare for attackers. You got high ground everywhere, and if you don't have heroes who can fly or jump up there, you're basically screwed. Defenders have it way too easy, and it's frustrating as hell when you're trying to push through with a limited hero pool. Like, why is the first point the hardest? That's just bad design.


Now, let's talk about Dorado. The first point is alright, but the second point? Good luck if you don't have high ground heroes. You gotta take these long flank routes just to get to the defenders, and it makes playing certain heroes a total drag. Forget about running a Brawl or Rush comp, 'cause it ain't gonna work.And don't even get me started on the third point. The flank routes are weak sauce, and the only useful one is the top-right. The left flank is basically useless unless you can fly or something. It's like they want to limit your options and make it harder for attackers.

It's just not fair!

Look, maps should be fair and give players lots of options for attacking and defending. When a map is too biased towards certain comps or hero abilities, it's just not fun for most players. It's like, "Oh, you don't play these specific heroes? Too bad, you're gonna have a bad time."Plus, these old maps are figured out already. If you're a new player, you're at a huge disadvantage compared to the veterans who know every little trick. That's not cool.So, yeah, I'm glad they're reworking Dorado and Numbani. They need to fix the high ground issues, add better flank routes, and make it more fun for everyone. 'Cause right now, these maps are just holding the game back.


If you're struggling on these maps, check out some high-level players and see how they handle it. And no shame in getting a cheap Duo Carry to help you learn and climb the ranks.But, let's hope the devs can turn these maps around and make them actually enjoyable for everyone. Until then, keep grinding, and don't let the bad maps get you down!

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