Has Quick Play in Overwatch 2 Became Too Sweaty?

April 17, 2024

Let's talk about Overwatch's Quick Play mode, which used to be the go-to spot for chillin' and enjoying the game without all the sweat and pressure of Competitive. But lately, it seems like Quick Play has turned into a total sweatfest, with matches getting more and more intense. It's got a lot of casual players wondering, "Has Quick Play gotten too dang difficult?". I am team both myself. Sometimes I want to try-hand in Comp, sometimes I'm in the mood to just have fun with my friends on the weekends. If you're like me, then this is going to be an interesting read for you.

The problem:

One of the biggest problems in Quick Play is all the try-hards running around with their meta team comps and strats. Like, you're just trying to have a good time, and then BAM! You're up against a Tracer, Sombra, and Orisa combo that's stomping everyone. It's no fun for casual players or anyone who just wants to kick back and enjoy the game.And here's the thing, in Competitive, you can switch up your heroes and adapt your strategy between rounds. But in Quick Play? If the enemy team's picks are countering you hard, you're pretty much stuck. It's like the game is just rubbing salt in the wound for casual players.Now, some people might say, "Git gud, scrub!" But let's be real, not everyone is trying to be an Overwatch pro 24/7. Some folks just want to hop on, shoot some stuff, and have a good time without feeling like they need to be at the top of their game every single match.It's not all on the players, though. The matchmaking system is doing casual gamers dirty by throwing them in with experienced players on their smurf accounts. Imagine being a newbie and getting matched against someone who's basically a human aimbot. Talk about a feels-bad moment!

What can happen?

If this keeps up, it could really hurt Overwatch in the long run. Casual players might start dropping off and telling their friends, "Yeah, don't bother with this game, it's too sweaty." And then, before you know it, the player base is shrinking and the community is less diverse.So, what's the fix? It's not gonna be easy, but Blizzard could start by making the matchmaking system smarter. Like, take into account stuff like player level and hero mastery, not just MMR. That way, casual players are more likely to get matched with people on their level.They could also add some new game modes that are all about casual play. Mix up the rules and objectives to encourage people to experiment and just have fun without worrying about the meta.Oh, and if you're struggling to win in QP and unlock Ranked, you might want to check out duo carry. It's a pretty affordable way to get wins in the mode of your choice, so you can sit back and enjoy the ride.At the end of the day, fixing Quick Play is gonna take some work from both Blizzard and the community. We gotta create a vibe that welcomes all kinds of players and playstyles. Whether you're grinding for that top 500 spot or just looking to blow off some steam after a long day, Overwatch should have a place for you. So let's work together and keep this game awesome for everyone!

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