Overwatch Players Are Getting Kicked From Matches: New Patch Bug

May 15, 2024

Since the latest patch for Overwatch 2, players have been reporting a frustrating and game-breaking bug that randomly kicks one person from each team during a match, without allowing them to rejoin. This issue has been particularly prevalent in competitive games, leaving teams at a disadvantage and players feeling helpless.

When does this happen?

The bug seems to occur at random moments during the match, affecting players on both teams simultaneously. One player reported that in almost every game they played, around 5 out of 7 times, one person from each team would suddenly leave the game and not return. Initially, players assumed it was a server issue and that their teammates would eventually rejoin, but this has not been the case.

No reconnect button?

To make matters worse, when players attempt to reconnect to the game after being booted, they are not presented with the usual "rejoin" option. Additionally, players are not receiving the standard suspension timer that typically accompanies leaving a match early. This suggests that the game is not registering these disconnections as intentional leaves, but rather as a glitch in the system.Some players have reported that the bug occurs even before the game fully loads, with their duo partners losing connection to the game server and being kicked out of the group. Others have noted that the affected matches do not appear in their match history, further indicating a deeper issue within the game's infrastructure.

What next?

As a result of this game-breaking bug, many players are choosing to stay away from competitive matches until Blizzard addresses and fixes the problem. The sudden loss of teammates during crucial moments can easily turn the tide of a match, leading to unfair losses and a frustrating experience for all involved. If you're one of many players who lost SR because of this bug and you wish to get them back. look into cheap Duo Carry options.Blizzard has yet to officially acknowledge the issue or provide a timeline for a fix. However, players are hopeful that the developers will prioritize resolving this bug quickly to ensure a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all Overwatch 2 players. Until then, many are opting to stick to casual game modes or take a break from the game altogether.

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