The Most Expensive Overwatch 2 Skin in 2024

April 23, 2024

The new Season is approaching all Overwatch players and it brings new skins. Let's talk about how the new skins have became the most expensive. One of the most significant changes is the introduction of a new currency called Mythic Prisms, which players can use to purchase mythic-tier skins. But with the steep price tag attached to these skins, many players are wondering if they're worth the investment.

The Cost of Mythic Skins:

Mythic Prisms can be earned through the premium battle pass or purchased directly from the in-game store. A base-level mythic skin costs 50 Mythic Prisms, which translates to $39.99. However, to fully upgrade a mythic skin with all its customization options, players need to spend 80 Mythic Prisms, which can cost around $70, depending on the bundle purchased.

Earning Mythic Prisms Through the Battle Pass:

Players who invest in the premium battle pass ($9.99) can earn enough Mythic Prisms to purchase a fully upgraded mythic skin by reaching level 78 out of the 80 tiers. Alternatively, they can choose to unlock just the base skin for 50 Mythic Prisms and save the rest for other skins or upgrades.

The Controversy Surrounding Mythic Skins:

The high cost of mythic skins has sparked a debate within the Overwatch community. Some argue that the price is equivalent to that of a full AAA game, making it an unreasonable expense for a single in-game cosmetic. Others, however, see it as a way for dedicated players to show their support for the game and stand out with unique, high-quality skins. While paying for a skin might not be the best investment for all, getting a cheap duo carry will. You will get the rank you want and if you ask me, flexing your rank might be even better.

The Reversal of Hero Paywalls:

Despite the controversy surrounding mythic skins, Blizzard has made a positive change by removing the paywall for new heroes. Previously, new heroes were locked behind the battle pass, but with Season 10, the new hero Venture is available for all players. This move has been praised by the community, as it ensures a level playing field for everyone.The introduction of Mythic Prisms and the high cost of mythic skins in Overwatch 2 has divided the player base. While some see it as an opportunity to acquire exclusive, customizable skins, others view it as an excessive expense. Ultimately, the value of these skins depends on individual players and their willingness to invest in the game. However, with Blizzard's decision to make new heroes accessible to all players, it appears that the company is taking steps to balance monetization with fairness and accessibility.

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