Overwatch Players Experience Performance Drops in Recent Seasons

June 5, 2024

Over the past few seasons, Overwatch players have been reporting a noticeable decline in the game's performance, even on high-end hardware. Players who have been enjoying the game since its beta release in 2016 are now struggling to maintain stable frame rates, with some experiencing crashes due to increased GPU and RAM usage.One player, who has been playing Overwatch since the beta, reported that their frame rate has been steadily declining since Season 8. Despite having a system with 32 GB of RAM and an RTX 3050 graphics card, they have seen their frame rate drop from a consistent 100+ FPS to struggling to reach 100 FPS, with dips as low as 1 FPS. The player has tried clearing background processes and running the game through Steam, but the issues persist.Can't rank up because of your performance? Cheap solo and duo boosting can help you get the rank you want in no time!Console players have also been affected by performance issues. A player using the frame rate mode on their console, which typically runs at a solid 120 FPS, has noticed significant frame rate drops in recent seasons. When using abilities that cause a UI to appear, such as Bastion's turret mode, Soldier: 76's tactical visor, or Widowmaker's ultimate, the game reportedly locks to 60 FPS, causing a jarring experience for players accustomed to higher frame rates.Even players with top-of-the-line hardware are experiencing problems. One player with a setup consisting of an RTX 4090, an Intel Core i9-13900K, and 48 GB of DDR5 RAM reported that their frame rate at 4K resolution with high video settings has dropped from around 500-600 FPS to approximately 200 FPS after the latest update. Additionally, they have been experiencing network issues, such as unexpected lag during games, which can last for half a second but still proves to be annoying.As more players come forward with similar experiences, it is clear that Overwatch's performance has been deteriorating over the past few seasons. The cause of these issues remains unclear, but it is evident that the game is demanding more resources from players' systems, leading to crashes, frame rate drops, and network problems. Blizzard Entertainment, the developers behind Overwatch, have yet to address these concerns publicly, leaving players frustrated and seeking solutions to optimize their gaming experience.

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