African Overwatch 2 Players Facing High Latency

June 7, 2024

In recent weeks, Overwatch 2 players from across Africa have been reporting a significant increase in latency, leading to a frustrating gameplay experience. Many players who were accustomed to pings in the range of 130-150ms are now struggling with latency exceeding 250ms, making it difficult to compete effectively.South African players seem to be particularly affected by this issue. Some speculate that the problem may stem from Blizzard shutting down servers, forcing players to connect to more distant servers and exacerbating the latency problem for those already far from their nearest server. However, getting official confirmation from Blizzard has proven challenging, leaving players in the dark about the cause and potential solutions.The situation is especially disheartening for dedicated players who have invested hundreds of hours into their Overwatch 2 accounts. The prospect of having to abandon their progress due to unplayable connection issues is a bitter pill to swallow.It is impossible to play in comp with such high ping. But many people still want to get to the higher ranks. If you're one of them - we suggest you look into cheap boosting packs or duo carry options.While some attribute the latency spike to a typical post-update bug, which tends to affect the Switch version of the game, others point to a more specific cause. Gamers from Zambia have linked the problem to a recent submarine cable cut in East Africa that has disrupted internet connectivity in the region. This has forced their connections to be routed through Europe, resulting in longer paths and increased latency.News articles have reported on efforts to repair the damaged undersea cables, but a concrete timeline for the completion of these repairs remains elusive. Affected players are left checking for updates on a daily basis, hoping for a swift resolution that will allow them to enjoy Overwatch 2 without the frustration of high latency.As the African gaming community continues to grow, issues like these underscore the importance of robust infrastructure and server support to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for players across the continent. Blizzard and other game publishers will need to address these challenges if they hope to maintain and expand their player base in Africa.For now, African Overwatch 2 players are left waiting and hoping for a speedy resolution to the latency problem that has disrupted their ability to compete and enjoy the game they love.

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