Is It Time to Raise the Endorsement Level Requirement?

May 10, 2024

Overwatch's competitive mode has been a source of both excitement and frustration for players since its inception. While the mode offers a chance for players to test their skills against others of similar skill levels, it has also been plagued by issues such as smurfing, deranking, and toxicity. One suggestion that has recently gained traction in the community is to raise the minimum endorsement level required to queue for competitive matches.The endorsement system was introduced as a way to encourage positive behavior and discourage toxicity in the game. Players can endorse each other after matches for being a good teammate, sportsmanship, or shotcalling. The more endorsements a player receives, the higher their endorsement level, which ranges from 1 to 5. However, many players have argued that the current system is not effective at curbing negative behavior, as it is relatively easy to maintain a high endorsement level even while engaging in toxic behavior.Feel stuck in your elo because of trolls? Check put these Duo Carry services. Everyone needs a bit of help sometimes!The proposal to raise the minimum endorsement level for competitive play has been met with mixed reactions from the community. Supporters argue that it would help to weed out players who are more likely to engage in negative behavior, such as smurfing or deranking. They point out that it is extremely rare to see a player with an endorsement level of 1 who is not either a new account created for smurfing or a player intentionally throwing games to derank. By requiring a minimum level of 2, the argument goes, the game would be able to filter out these problematic players and create a more positive competitive environment.Opponents of the idea argue that the endorsement system is too flawed to be used as a gatekeeping mechanism for competitive play. They point out that the system is easily gamed, and that players can maintain high endorsement levels simply by playing a lot and endorsing others frequently, regardless of their actual behavior in-game. There is also concern that the change could unfairly penalize players who primarily play in groups, as they may receive fewer endorsements overall.Despite these concerns, there seems to be a growing consensus in the community that something needs to be done to address the issues of toxicity and negative behavior in competitive play. While raising the minimum endorsement level may not be a perfect solution, it could be a step in the right direction towards creating a more positive and fair competitive environment for all players.The fact that this suggestion has gained so much traction in the community suggests that there is a real desire for meaningful change when it comes to the competitive experience in Overwatch. Whether through adjustments to the endorsement system or other measures, it is clear that players are looking for ways to make competitive play more enjoyable and rewarding for everyone involved.

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