How to Solo Queue as a Support in Overwatch 2

May 2, 2024

Many healer mains find it challenging to climb the ranks while solo queuing in Overwatch 2. From tanks rushing off-objective to damage dealers being too scared or diving into the enemy team, it can be frustrating to keep everyone alive and secure a win. However, there are strategies and hero choices that can help you make a significant impact on the game and improve your chances of climbing.

Focus on Pressuring the Enemy Backline:

One effective strategy is to focus on applying pressure to the enemy team's backline, particularly their supports. Instead of solely focusing on healing your team, look for opportunities to flank and take out the enemy healers. This approach can disrupt the enemy team's sustain and give your team an advantage in team fights.

Choose High-Impact Heroes:

When solo queuing, it's essential to choose heroes that can make a significant impact on the game. Some excellent options include:
  1. Zenyatta: Once you master his positioning, Zenyatta can be a menace to the enemy team, dealing considerable damage while providing crucial healing and utility.
  2. Baptiste: With his versatile kit, Baptiste can output substantial healing and damage, making him a valuable asset in solo queue.
  3. Ana: Her ability to land clutch sleep darts, anti-healing grenades, and provide consistent healing makes Ana a strong choice for solo queue.
  4. Kiriko: Kiriko's mobility, damage output, and ability to save teammates with her Protection Suzu make her a solid pick for climbing the ranks.

Make Every Ability Count:

As a support, your abilities and ultimates can be game-changing. However, timing is crucial. Even a slight misplay or delay can negate the value you offer to your team. Constantly analyze how and why you use your abilities, as they often determine the outcome of team fights.

Balancing Healing and Damage:

While healing is a primary responsibility, dealing damage is equally important for most support heroes. By pressuring the enemy team, you force their supports to focus on healing, reducing their impact on the game. This approach puts more control in your hands and allows you to influence the outcome of the match.

Adapt to Your Team's Playstyle:

Identify your team's strengths and adapt your playstyle accordingly. If your tank is a strong frontline presence, focus on keeping them alive with heroes like Lifeweaver. If you have a skilled damage dealer, consider pocketing them as Mercy. Be flexible and adjust your hero choice and playstyle to complement your team's strengths.If you keep getting trolls in your team and just can't seem to climb the ranks, we recommend these cheap Duo Carry services. No shame in getting some help along the way.

Communicate and Stay Positive:

Effective communication is key to success in Overwatch 2. Provide valuable information to your team, such as enemy positions and cooldowns. Additionally, maintain a positive attitude and avoid getting tilted by toxic teammates. Focus on your own performance and making impactful plays.

To sum it up:

Solo queuing as a healer in Overwatch 2 can be challenging, but by focusing on high-impact plays, choosing the right heroes, and adapting to your team's playstyle, you can climb the ranks consistently. Remember to balance healing and damage, make every ability count, and maintain a positive mindset. With practice and perseverance, you can overcome the obstacles and become a formidable support player in solo queue.

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