How to Get More Value from Nano Boosts?

May 8, 2024

As a high-diamond Ana player, you may have noticed that your ability usage has improved overall, but you still struggle with using Nano Boost effectively. You're not alone in this struggle, as many players find it challenging to make the most out of this powerful ultimate. In this post, we'll explore some tips and strategies to help you improve your Nano Boost usage and climb through the ranks.

Choosing the Right Nano Boost Targets:

When deciding on a Nano Boost target, it's essential to consider the situation and the potential impact of the boost. Here are some typical targets to look for:
  1. DPS with ultimates: Soldiers with Tactical Visor, Genjis with Dragonblade, Sojourns with Overclock, and Reapers with Death Blossom are all excellent candidates for a Nano Boost.
  2. Tanks: High-charge Zaryas, Winston close to Primal Rage, and other tanks with their ultimates ready can be game-changing when Nano Boosted.
  3. Defensive Nano Boosts: Sometimes, using Nano Boost to save a teammate from a Pulse Bomb, protect a dove support, or keep a tank alive in a sticky situation can be the right play.

Timing and Communication:

One of the biggest challenges with Nano Boost is timing it correctly. It's crucial to communicate with your team and coordinate your Nano Boosts with their ultimates or aggressive plays. If you're unsure whether a DPS is waiting for your Nano Boost to use their ultimate, ask them. It's better to clarify than to waste the boost.When Nanoing a Genji, wait for them to get their dash reset. For Sojourn, wait for her to slide, and for Reaper, wait for him to use Wraith Form before Nanoing. These small timing adjustments can make a big difference in the effectiveness of your Nano Boosts.However, if you get trolls in your comp games then you just waste your nano boosts. If you want to get a Carry you can trust - get a Duo Carry. A cheap, safe and quick way to climb the ranks without any stress.

Scenarios for Popping Nano Boost:

There are three general scenarios where you should consider using Nano Boost:
  1. Nanoing aggression: This includes obvious plays like Nanoing a Genji with Dragonblade or a diving Winston. As you climb the ranks, you'll start to see more non-ultimate and non-dive Nano Boosts, such as Nanoing a flanking Soldier or Cassidy, a Bastion before Assault Form, or a Symmetra with a charged beam.
  2. Nanoing for reversals: This involves turning a low-health, focused ally into an unkillable target. As you improve, you'll be able to make quicker saves and more accurate predictions on whether a Nano Boost will flip a fight.
  3. Nanoing for tempo: These Nano Boosts are used to push a fight with a blurry outcome and require a deep understanding of cooldowns, effective ranges, and fight predictions. Examples include Nanoing a low-health Widowmaker to secure a pick or Nanoing a Moira with Coalescence in a 2v3 scenario to turn the fight in your favor.

To sum it up:

Mastering Nano Boost usage is a challenging but rewarding process. By choosing the right targets, timing your boosts correctly, and understanding the different scenarios where Nano Boost can be impactful, you'll be well on your way to climbing through the ranks as an Ana player. Remember to communicate with your team, practice your timing, and don't be afraid to make bold plays when the situation calls for it.

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