How to Counter Snipers and Long-Range Heroes in Overwatch

May 6, 2024

In Overwatch, snipers and long-range heroes such as Widowmaker, Ana, Ashe, Pharah, and Hanzo can be a real menace to deal with, especially if you're playing a hero like Reaper who excels in close-range combat. If you find yourself struggling against these heroes and don't want to engage in a sniper duel, there are several other heroes that can effectively counter them.

Sombra: The Ultimate Sniper Counter

Sombra is an excellent choice when it comes to countering snipers and long-range heroes. Her ability to go invisible and sneak up on enemies makes her a formidable threat to heroes like Widowmaker, Ana, and Ashe. Once Sombra gets close, she can easily hack and eliminate them. While she may have a slightly harder time against Hanzo, she can still be effective in disrupting his positioning and forcing him to relocate.

Flankers: Tracer and Genji

Tracer and Genji are both highly mobile flankers who can quickly close the distance between themselves and enemy snipers. Tracer's blink ability allows her to rapidly approach and harass snipers, while Genji's vertical mobility and deflect ability make him a challenging target to hit. These heroes can effectively pressure snipers and force them to focus on self-defense rather than picking off your teammates.However, these heroes can be challenging to master. If you need help - look for cheap Duo Carry services as these can be a great choice when you want to improve and rank up in the process.

Tanks: Winston and Sigma

Tank heroes like Winston and Sigma can also be effective against snipers. Winston's jump pack enables him to quickly reach high ground and engage snipers directly, while his bubble shield provides temporary protection for himself and his team. Sigma, on the other hand, can use his barrier to block sightlines and protect his team from sniper fire.

Other Options: Mei, Echo, and Lúcio

Mei is another hero that can be effective against snipers. Her ice wall can block sightlines and provide cover for her team, while her icicle projectiles have high damage potential and little falloff, allowing her to engage snipers at range. Echo is particularly strong against Pharah, as she can match Pharah's aerial mobility and quickly eliminate her with focused fire. Lúcio's speed boost and wallriding abilities make him difficult to hit and allow him to quickly reach and harass enemy snipers.

To sum it up:

When facing snipers and long-range heroes in Overwatch, it's important to consider your hero selection and playstyle. While it can be tempting to try and outsnipe the enemy, it's often more effective to choose heroes that can close the distance, disrupt their positioning, and apply pressure. By utilizing heroes like Sombra, Tracer, Genji, Winston, Sigma, Mei, Echo, and Lúcio, you can effectively counter snipers and give your team a better chance at victory.

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