Dealing with Widow and Ashe as Ana

May 29, 2024

As an Ana player trying to rank up this season, I've encountered a consistent problem: Widowmaker and Ashe. While it's not typically Ana's job to deal with these long-range hitscans, I've had multiple games where they've been shredding our team, and nobody is taking the initiative to counter them. So, what can I do as an Ana player in these situations without switching off the hero?Top 500 Ana Main Wonfella, currently sitting at a 59% win rate over 12 hours this season, shared some valuable advice. The number one tip against Ashe and Widow as Ana is to never scope unless you are 100% sure they can't see you or reposition to gain line of sight on you. Scoping in reduces your movement by 65% and cuts down your FOV significantly, making it harder to realize when they gain sight on you. Remember that it is not bad to reach for help if you seem stuck. There are services like Duo Carry that can help you learn and rank up.Trying to kill them on your own is not recommended. Instead, mark them with one shot and run away if you end up in their line of sight, but don't scope in to shoot at them. Focus on helping the tank battle with your cooldowns and always have sleep ready when Ashe has BOB. Another crucial piece of advice is to learn the proper strafing pattern for Ana, which is side-to-side (AD) movement only, without crouching, as crouching reduces the movement of Ana's head hitbox dramatically.Another suggestion is throwing a sleep dart immediately after Widow shoots, and praying it lands. If successful, you can move to a closer piece of cover if possible. Ashe is harder to navigate but less punishing if you try to challenge her. You can hipfire at her from behind cover like a Hanzo if you're trapped. If you can tag Ashe a couple of times and force her behind her own cover or to her supports, that's generally good enough.Tips for contesting Widow. Time her shots and peek briefly to go for a sleep dart or primary fire before quickly getting back to cover. If you land the sleep, throw a nade and hit a shot on her as the nade splashes and wakes her up to maximize burst damage. Abuse her fall off range by staying 60 or more meters away so she can't one-shot you, but make sure you're at full health. Learn and use good movement, and get a read on their skill level to adjust your aggression accordingly.In final words, while it's not ideal for Ana to take on Widow and Ashe alone, there are strategies to mitigate their impact and buy time for your team. Focus on positioning, cooldown management, and smart movement to survive and provide value to your team.

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