Are Unranked to Grandmaster Challenges Fake?

May 25, 2024

There has been a growing trend of high-level players undertaking "Unranked to Grandmaster" challenges. These challenges involve skilled players creating new accounts and climbing from the lowest ranks to the highest tier of competitive play. However, some players have raised concerns about the legitimacy of these challenges, questioning whether the matches are truly representative of the skill levels at each rank.

Necros' videos

One such challenge that has garnered attention is Necros' Unranked to Grandmaster run on Genji. While watching his gameplay, some viewers have noticed that the enemies often make seemingly foolish decisions, which Necros easily punishes. This has led to questions about the absence of genuinely challenging situations and the apparent lack of highly skilled opponents.The perception is that in every team fight, there is always an enemy player who makes a critical mistake, such as using all their abilities at once or displaying poor mechanical skill. These mistakes are then capitalized upon by the challenger, leading to a snowball effect and an eventual team fight victory.

The skill difference

However, it is essential to consider the skill disparity between a Grandmaster-level player and those in lower ranks. At the ranks where these challenges begin, there are indeed players who make frequent mistakes, burn their cooldowns inefficiently, and have limited mechanical skill. The difference is that a highly skilled player can recognize and punish these mistakes consistently. Wish to play with a skilled player? Look into these cheap Duo Carry services.Furthermore, the pressure exerted by a Grandmaster player on the enemy team can prevent their own team from making costly mistakes. The challenger's impact on the game is significant enough to compensate for any shortcomings on their team.

These videos are just for entertainment

It is also crucial to acknowledge that these challenges are not an accurate representation of the average player's experience at each rank. The purpose of these challenges is to showcase the skill and game sense of top-tier players and demonstrate how they can dominate matches when placed in lower-skilled lobbies.While some may argue that these challenges are akin to smurfing and disrupt the competitive integrity of the game, they serve as a testament to the vast skill gap between the highest and lowest ranks. They highlight the importance of game sense, decision-making, and the ability to capitalize on opponents' mistakes.In final words, while the Unranked to Grandmaster challenges may seem staged or unrepresentative of the true competitive experience, they are not inherently fake. Instead, they showcase the immense skill disparity between top players and those in lower ranks. These challenges serve as a reminder that in competitive gaming, the ability to recognize and punish mistakes consistently is what sets apart the truly exceptional players from the rest.

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