Top 10 Rarest Skins in Overwatch in 2024

April 25, 2024

Do you like to collect rare skins in videogames? And, perhaps, spend wat too much money doing so? No shame! Let's check out how many of these rare skins you already have.We've got some crazy epic and mythic skins that'll make you stand out on the battlefield. Let's dive right in!

Junker Queen's Shuri Skin

This mythic skin from the Season 2 Battle Pass is straight up fire! Junker Queen is still pretty new, so getting this skin at tier 80 is a real flex.

Reinhardt's BlizzCon Skin

If you copped a BlizzCon ticket back in the day, you might have this insanely rare Reinhardt skin. It's one of the rarest in the game, no cap!

Winston's BlizzCon 2017 Skin

Another BlizzCon exclusive, this Winston skin is from way back in 2017. If you've got this one, you're a real OG.

Bastion's BlizzCon 2016 Skin

Even older than Winston's, this Bastion skin from BlizzCon 2016 is probably the rarest in the entire game. If you're rocking this, you're a straight up legend.

Genji's Illidan Skin

 This sick Genji skin from BlizzCon 2019 is a favorite among many players. It's not just rare, it's also dope.

Widowmaker's Noire Skin

If you pre-purchased Overwatch 1 back in the day, you might have snagged this super rare Widowmaker skin. It's a real collector's item now.

Symmetra's Tyrande Skin

Another BlizzCon 2019 gem, this Symmetra skin came alongside Genji's Illidan skin. It's a must-have for any true Symmetra main.

Brigitte's Stone Skin

This epic skin from a past Halloween event is not only rare but also fits Brigitte perfectly. It's a true standout.

Sombra's Demon Hunter Skin

From an old event challenge, this sleek and stylish Sombra skin is a real head-turner. If you've got this one, you're sure to make an impression.

Torbjörn's Rustclot Skin

This Torbjörn skin with its sick neon lights was available from an event challenge ages ago. If you managed to snag it, congrats on having a true rarity!So there you have it, folks! The top 10 rarest skins in Overwatch 2 in 2024. Keep in mind that no matter how rare is your skin, it won't help you win in comp. But, luckily, there's solution for that too. Look into duo carry services to ensure yourself a pleasant ranked experience. And good luck flexing your new rank! Keep grinding, keep styling on your enemies, and most importantly, keep having fun out there! Peace!

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