Overwatch: Should Mercy’s Damage Boost Be Shown as Damage Dealt?

April 15, 2024

Are you a Mercy main? Do you get asked to switch every single game too? I do and  it's painful. As a Mercy main myself, I've been thinking about how her damage boost is represented in the game. You know when you hit that tab button to check out the scoreboard? Well, wouldn't it be awesome if Mercy's damage boost was right there, showing everyone just how much of a difference she's making?

I mean, think about it

Mercy's not just there to heal, she's also giving her teammates a sweet damage boost! But right now, when you look at the scoreboard, it's like her contribution is invisible. Sure, she gets assists for boosted kills, but we don't get to see the actual numbers behind that boost. And let's be real, Mercy mains deserve some recognition for all that hard work!

So, here's an idea:

What if we had a separate stat for "Damage Amplified"? This way, we could see not just Mercy's damage boost, but also other abilities that make our allies hit harder, like Baptiste's Amplification Matrix, Kiriko's Kitsune Rush, and Ana's Nano Boost. It would be like a hall of fame for all the support heroes out there, making plays and helping their team dominate!Now, I know some of you might be thinking, "But wait, wouldn't that make Mercy's stats look too good? Isn't she just taking credit for her teammates' eliminations?" And I get it, but here's the thing – being a skilled Mercy is all about making those split-second decisions. When to heal, when to boost, and who to prioritize – that's what separates the good Mercy players from the great ones. And those choices can totally turn the tide of a game!Also, let's not forget that having a separate "Damage Amplified" stat wouldn't take anything away from the boosted heroes. Their raw damage and eliminations would still be there for everyone to see, showing off their individual skill. This new stat would just give us a better picture of how the whole team is working together, and how support and damage dealers are synergizing to crush it!So, to all my fellow Mercy mains out there who are always trying to carry the game but can't seem to find those clutch DPS teammates – don't worry, I feel your pain! Maybe try partying up with a pro duo carry to make sure you're supporting the right people. There's no shame in that.

At the end of the day:

Adding this new stat to the scoreboard would be a game-changer for Overwatch. It would show everyone just how important Mercy and other support heroes are, and encourage players to really appreciate the teamwork that goes into winning. Sure, it might take some work from the devs to make it happen, but I think it would be totally worth it!So, what do you say, gamers? Let's give Mercy and all the other support heroes the recognition they deserve!

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