Competitive Point Cap in Overwatch 2: The Maximum Amount Each Season

June 17, 2023

What Are Competitive Points in Overwatch 2?

Competitive Points are one of the currencies that can be earned and used in Overwatch 2. These are required to purchase certain types of rewards such as Golden weapons, but it's not immediately evident how to earn them, what you can spend them on or what's the max amount you can get . Competitive Points, as the name suggests, are a currency that can only be gained while playing Overwatch 2's rated Competitive play mode and the amount you earn after each game will depend on the result of the game, if it's a win, draw or lose.

Distribution of Competitive Points in Overwatch 2

In Overwatch 2, the mechanics for earning Competitive Points have been refined. Players now receive 25 Competitive Points for a victory and 5 for a draw in Competitive Play matches. Additionally, at the end of the season, players will receive bonus Competitive Points based on their highest rank across all game modes in the Competitive playlist. It's important to note that these rewards are based on a player's final rank, not their peak rank during the season.To fully understand the distribution of Competitive Points, keep in mind that the number of points provided changes according to a player's rank. This approach encourages participants to work their way up the rankings and up the competitive ladder. Players are awarded bonus Competitive Points based on their rank at the end of each competitive season. The higher a player's rank, the more bonus points he or she will gain.

The following is a breakdown of bonus points by tier:

Bronze: 65 CP
Silver: 125 CP
Gold: 250 CP
Platinum: 500 CP
Diamond: 750 CP
Master: 1,200 CP
Grandmaster: 1,750 CP

These bonus points provide players extra motivation to push themselves and rise through the ranks. They also serve as a reward for their hard work during the season, recognizing their talent and perseverance. With these points, players can buy golden weapons, a unique cosmetic item that replaces the basic appearance of a hero's weapon with a majestic golden form. Furthermore, this golden touch extends beyond weaponry, adorning actual things related with a hero's skills, like as Ana's sleep dart or Kiriko's healing ofuda papers.

What's The Maximum Amount of Competitive Points You Can Earn Each Season?

The max amount of Competitive Points that a player can accumulate is the real question! When a player's stash of unspent points reaches 6,000, their ability to earn more points comes to an end and they won't be able to acumulate more Competitive Points.By establishing this cap, Blizzard encourages players to spend strategically, reducing point stockpiling. It's an indirect encouragement requesting users to spend their hard-earned points on golden skins rather than letting them collect digital dust. Importantly, this new approach does not deprive players of their well-deserved prizes. When you reach 6,000 points, the game does not become unrewarding. End-of-season bonuses are unaffected, ensuring that our labor, sweat, and tears (let's face it, Overwatch 2 can be an emotional rollercoaster) are suitably appreciated. This adjustment might upset some, but it's crucial to remember that the goal is to promote fair and balanced gameplay. The 6,000 point cap does not undermine our accomplishments but rather encourages us to enjoy our prizes.Personally, I believe that the competitive points cap promotes a sense of accomplishment and prevents the accumulation of an excessive number of points. It ensures that players continue to engage in competitive play and strive for higher ranks rather than simply hoarding points indefinitely. This adds longevity to the competitive mode and maintains a healthy player base, as everyone has the opportunity to work towards their goals.
Furthermore, the inclusion of golden weapons as a prestigious reward for Competitive Points is a fantastic addition. These weapons not only serve as a visual representation of a player's achievements but also create a sense of exclusivity and pride. When I encounter an opponent wielding a golden weapon, I know that they have put in significant time and effort to obtain it, and it adds an extra level of excitement to the match.

In conclusion, the introduction of a competitive point cap in Overwatch 2 has been a positive and necessary change for the game. It adds depth to the progression system, encourages players to strive for higher ranks, and rewards them for their achievements. The cap ensures that players manage their points strategically, preventing an excessive accumulation while still providing a satisfying end-of-season reward system. As a top 100 Overwatch 2 player, I wholeheartedly support this feature and believe it contributes to the overall competitive experience of the game.

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