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Every Overwatch season every account needs 10 placement games to be played in order to get a ranking! These are the most important & effective games influencing your ranking!

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Please prioritize at least two positions and 3 characters in each.

Choose the heroes that you wish to be played as. Choosing this we will always respect your selection of heroes and roles!


Choose 3-4 heroes per role. Your priority role should be marked with 1 and secondary role with 2. You may chose multiple roles and only a few heroes if you wish to avoid champions that you don’t play at all!
This option is available for tiers up to 3500 SR in every region!

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About Placement Matches

Placement matches are the first ranked games that you will play in your current Overwatch ranked season, consisting of 10 games. Placement matches determine your starting point of current Overwatch ranked season, the more you win, the higher you will get. If you happen to lose too many Overwatch placement matches, you can end up being up to 1000 ranking points lower than your potential ranking. The influence of the placement matches is what makes buying the placements boost such a popular option! Do not risk the possibility of ruining your entire Overwatch ranked season by going on a losing streak during your placement matches. Let us handle the pressure of completing your placements boost, and we will guarantee you a smooth start for your Overwatch ranked season!

Many Overwatch players have complained about the problem of having a terrible start to their ranked season because of bad lose streaks during placement matches. While we are able to increase your rank after this happens, it is much more beneficial to not let this happen in the first place. Starting your ranked season with a satisfying ranked position will guarantee you peace of mind and avoid mindless grinding. Order your boost today to get your account to the rank in which it belongs!

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We will always use our offline mode tool to keep your games as private as possible while you can still spectate the games! We have currently very low queue and your order will be started immediately!